Non-contact Ic Card Application

- Aug 05, 2019-

Non-contact ic card application

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1. Non-contact ic card working principle

The IC card reader sends a set of electromagnetic waves of fixed frequency to the IC card, and the LC series resonant circuit in the IC card is excited to generate resonance, and the charge is sent to another capacitor for storage, when the accumulated charge of the IC card reader reaches At 2V, the card can be powered, and the data in the card can be transmitted or received from the reader.



2. Introduction of non-contact IC card parameters:

The non-contact IC card information storage capacity is 8Kbit, there are 16 sectors, each sector has two sets of passwords, the working frequency of the IC card is 13.56MHz, the communication speed is 106KBPS, and the card reading can be completed at 1-2MS. According to the retention period of 10 years, the number of rewritable times is unlimited. IC cards have very high intelligence and confidentiality.

3. Non-contact IC card production process:

Card punching chip placement positioning antenna winding bump welding chip and coil inspection test printing card fabric lamination lamination inspection test punch card inspection finished product delivery.

4. Non-contact ic card application range

Because the non-contact IC card has more convenient and quick features, it can be widely used in electronic wallets, channel charging control, bus automatic ticketing, automatic parking charging, canteen selling, attendance and access control.