Popular Selling Pvc RFID /NFC Jamming CHIP Blocking Card/anti-skimming Blocker

- Mar 26, 2019-

   Popular Selling Pvc RFID /NFC Jamming CHIP Blocking Card/anti-skimming Blocker

  Product Description

      This product is specially used for shielding the high frequency (13.56 MHz) smart card (such as bank card, id card, etc.) the wireless signal, prevent the criminals steal card information intelligent anti-theft card, just put on a smart card with eastern god together, your payment card wireless signals can be effective shielding, no matter what outlaws used equipment, can't steal your card information, to ensure safety, prevent information leakage.

Blocking Card

RFID blocking anti-copy card for bank credit card protection
Material:                        PVC+E-field blocking mould
Size:                               85.5*54mm
Thickness:                      1-1.5mm
Surface:                         Glossy/ Matt Printing / Offset printing/Digital printing
Other Craft:                   QR Code/laser code
Applications:                 ID card, Credit cards, Debit cards, Driver's Licenses and other RFID Cards
Scope of protection:     Long blocking range 1M

Our Factory
       Shenzhen Zhengdafei Smart Card Co., Ltd (or call us ZDF smart card) is the professional manufacture of smart cards since 2001 in Shenzhen, China. As one of the largest professional smart cands and RFID cards production manufacture, ZDF smart card is specialized in the design, researching, manufacturing and selling the complete cards range, including: PVC cards, contact smart cards, contactless smart cards, IC/ID cards, magnetic strip cards, scratch cards, transparent card, RFID blocking cards, access control cards, luggage tags, irregular cards, etc.