RFID Blocking Card For RFID Card Protect

- Aug 28, 2018-

RFID blocking card for RFID card protect

What's RFID Blocking card?

RFID blocking card is able to protect your wallet or other cards from being scanned by theft, 

so it is of higher safty when in public place. 

Size:85.5*54mm Tolerance :±0.04mm

Thickness:0.55mm to 1.30mm

Shield coverage:5cm (related with the environment)

Surface craft:Printing,numbering,encoding etc..

Principle of operation

Our Blocking card is with RFID blocking inlay for RFID card protection. 

It has no need battery and no chip also.

As we known, the RFID/NFC device applied in Credit/debit card is 13.56MHz, thus, the blocking card will disturb the device's working and make it fail to read the credit card's info.


How to use:

It is very easy.As long as you put the blocking card together with your credit card or other RFID card,the signal of the credit will be blocked effectively.No matter what device the bad guy use,he can't read your card and stole the information.There are some requirments when using the card,if use it improperly,the blocking function will be invalid. 

Customer's feedback:

The RFID blocking cards are hot saling in European market, especially in the United Kingdom and Germany, with good quatility and function, customers are satisfied with the cards, here are some feedback for your reference first:

RFID blocking card feedback.jpg