RFID Chip Keyfob For Access Control

- Mar 21, 2019-


Basic Info


Keyfob is a universal used object in access control system , it enbodied with a chip  which can encode programmar to store message.We are a professional manuturer with 18 ecperience of making keyfob, we own a distinguish team and announced techonological devices to finish it. please feel free to contact us if you have any reqirement.


1. We provide all kinds of RF cards, such as ID card, IC Card, Keytag, etc.
2.ID card is suitable for 125KHZ card reader and reading distance is 3-15cm
3.IC card is suitable for 13.56mhz card reader and reading distance is 3-5cm
4.All cards or keytags can be printed two sides, printing contect is defined by clients
2. Item Name
                                            RIFID entrance guard card, ABS keychain
                                                                   ABS,PPS ,ect.
                                           all kind of ABS KEYFOB mold for seelction
Chip Type
                                                  LF / HF /UHF  all kind RFID chip
                                   Black / White / Grey / Green / Blue / red / yellow ....etc
                                                125khz / 13.56mhz / 860-960mhz
Reading Distance
Free samples
                                                  rfid keyfob free sample for test
                                                                       500 pcs