Spirited Away Shanghai 1000 Premiere Smart Card Helps Theater Security System And Quality Service

- Jul 22, 2019-


"Spirited Away" Shanghai 1000 Premiere Smart Card Helps Theater Security System and Quality Service
On the evening of June 16, "Spirited Away" held a premiere of thousands of people in Shanghai. The director, Miyazaki, who was unable to attend, specially prepared a handwritten letter for the Chinese audience, which painted a faceless man, a totoro, Small briquettes, miscellaneous frogs, written in the Chinese language that has been specially practiced, "Make thousands and seeks more care," and within a few days, #Miyazaki’s handwritten letter quicking become the most topic in China, the topic reading reached before the deadline for publication 160 million, the friend circle brushed the screen. A sentence called "Miyazaki Hayao's 30-year movie ticket can be repaid", and so on, unexpectedly crushed the latest animation sequel "Toy Story" released in North America, and let more people see Hayao Miyazaki's animation IP. The highest appeal in the country. This film, which was released in major theaters across the country, is loved by the general public. The security system of the theater can be completed by smart cards.
Smart Card: A generic term for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) with a microchip embedded in it. Some smart cards contain an RFID chip so they can identify the cardholder without any physical contact with the reader. Cards that do not contain chips can also be made. In the theater, the identity of each viewer can be determined by a smart card identifier, and each card can contain a password.
As the movie market has become more and more prosperous in recent years, more people are willing to go to the cinema for their favorite movies, and the activities held by the cinema are more and more popular. The theater card can participate in the colorful activities of the theater, and it can bring lasting economic benefits to the theater. The custom PVC theater membership card provides better service for people to watch the movie and better promote the market to the cinema.
The cooperation between Ghibli and the Chinese side also shows that Chihiro is the favorite Ghibli work of the Chinese audience. Its rich metaphor and love elements of life and growth make Ghibli's masterpiece "Spirited Away" closer to an adult animation, and the audience is more extensive. Some people have interpreted the sigh of the Japanese bubble economy and capitalism. Some people have seen the spiritual beliefs and the aesthetics of the things. Some people have seen the greed of human nature. And what is more evoking us is the hard work, kindness and honesty of Chihiro. Allow her to redeem herself in this greedy world and help her family and friends to find herself again. In the field of smart card production, we also need to maintain a hard-working, kind and honest mind. In the face of customer needs, we can ensure that the quality and quantity are satisfied with the customers. The various departments cooperate and help each other to complete each order. The main products of Shenzhen Zhengdafei are smart cards, pvc cards, and glue cards. Keeping this kind of initial heart, Zhengdafei smart card "survive by quality, develop by reputation and innovation" is our consistent pursuit and unremitting efforts! Zhengdafei Smart Card gives each movie enthusiast a customized service to help the theater security system be more perfect!