Use Of Smart Cards

- Nov 20, 2017-

Functionally, the use of smart cards can be categorized as follows: four.

1. Identification-using the embedded micro-computer system to calculate the data to confirm its uniqueness.

2. Payment Tools-Built-in counters (counter) are substituted for data in currencies, bonus points, and so on.

3. Encryption/decryption-the rapid development of the network, the use of E-commerce has also grown significantly, some manufacturers said that the most important network consumption is the authenticity of identity, the integrity of the data, the non-repudiation and legality of the transaction, with the password mechanism such as DES, RSA, MD5, and so on, in addition to increase the security of cards, Offline operations can also be used to reduce communication costs on the network.

4. Information-due to the popularity of GSM mobile phone, the demand of SIM card is increasing, the technology development of smart card is accelerated, so the function of mobile phone from the original simple telephone function extends to today's online network. The function of its information storage, so that it has a wide range of commercial applications such as:

Personal financial records

Bank competition is becoming fiercer, in order to improve customer loyalty and attract more new customers to join, the banks introduced various bonus schemes and improved customer service system, and with the use of smart cards, not only can reach the 24-hour free transfer function, and can reduce the bank and customer written work process time. A number of banks have issued smart cards on the market, while MasterCard and Visa's two major credit card groups are about to renew their smart cards.

Medical records

Once the health card IC, personal medical records can be stored in the chip, no matter to the hospital, can be informed of personal medical status, doctors can immediately know the patient's attendance records, patients can also be exempted from the report to fill the time, and reduce the hospital medical records file maintenance costs. In addition, the national identity card can also be IC, and all personal identification data such as fingerprints, birthdays, personal files into the chip, can also be used as passports, Singapore and the Malaysian government has begun to use.

Access control

Access control for enterprises and schools is very important, in addition to the smart card can be used as a general access management, but also to store small amounts of money, with the general store to spend, improve the functionality of cards, such as a British access control system manufacturers will be used for access to the smart card on the ATM machine, It combines the function of access control and electronic wallet.