White Blank 4428 Chip Contact Smart Card

- Apr 15, 2019-


4428 contact chip knowledges

    4428 contact smart card. The so-called contact smart card is a card that is exposed to the chip. It is a smart card that needs to be inserted into the device. This smart card can store a large amount of information, and the sensing speed is fast. Go to the parking lot, campus card, dining room and other places.
     The card of this kind of chip is a little more expensive than the commonly used chip, because it has a relatively large storage capacity and a relatively fast sensing speed. But if there is a certain amount, we will give customers some discounts.
     The main indicators of 4448 contact IC card: 256 bytes EEPROM, 32 protection bits, can write protection to the first 32 bytes of EEPROM, no password readable data; write card must pass password verification, 3 byte user password, password error Count: 3 times. Temperature range: -35 ° C ~ 70 ° C, at least 100,000 erasing, at least 10 years data retention period, secure password transmission password byte protection.