RFID prelam inlay

PVC HF smart card inlay RFID inlays can be divided into RFID Wet Inlay, RFID Dry Inlay, and RFID Label.According to the different frequencies, they can be divided into LF(125KHz) RFID inlay, HF(13.56MHz) RFID inlay, and UHF(915MHz) RFID inlay, Used for security, attendance management,...

Product Details

RFID inlays (comprised of a chip and antenna) are offered in a wide variety of sizes that are tailored to fit any application.

RFID prelam inlay


Antenna material

Aluminium foil or copper



Base material


Chip Available

EM4200, TK4100,MIFARE classic, MIFARE ULTRALIGHT, MIFARE DESfire, ICODE SLI as custom requests;


 LF(125KHz) RFID inlay, HF(13.56MHz) RFID inlay, and UHF(915MHz) RFID inlay


ISO 14443A, ISO15693

Reading range

HF 2-10cm

User memory

168B, 1KB, etc.

Read/Write Endurance

>100,000 times      


2x4pcs, 2x5pcs, 3x7pcs, 3x8pcs, 4x5pcs, 5x6pcs, etc.

 As core part of RFID card, we provide high-quality RFID inlay which they are suitable to ISO standard cards and made into different thickness and various shape for option.

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