Printable Blank White 125Khz Chip Writable RFID Smart Card

1.Frequency: 125 KHz 2.Standard Size: 85.5x54x0.84mm 3. Package included: 200pcs -250pcs/box RFID Writable rewrite chip Card 4. Material: PVC 5. Writable/Rewrite - Can be used in 125KHz RFID card Copier/ Duplicator 6. Reading distance is 0 - 10cm 7.color: white

Product Details

Customized& printable with LF 125Khz blank white  writable RFID card

Product Description

Specification of 125KHz  White blank writable Rfid card: 

1.Frequency: 125 KHz

2.Standard Size: 85.5x54x0.84mm

3. Package included: 200pcs -250pcs/box RFID Writable rewrite chip Card

4. Material: PVC

5. Writable/Rewrite - Can be used in 125KHz RFID card Copier/ Duplicator

6. Reading distance is 0 - 10cm

7.color: white


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Why choose us?

We have own designer and factory, we can give you the best quality and reasonable price.


Product name  
Smart pvc IC credit cards printing with chip 
(CR 80)85.6*54mm thickness: 0.76mm ,0.84 mm, 0.9 mm,1.0 mm±0.02 or Can be Customized
 0.84 mm, 0.9 mm,1.0 mm±0.02 can be customized.
CMYK and Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Digital printing, etc.
 Hot stamping, varnish, UV, embossing, debossing, glittering, creasing, etc
Chips Options 
1.Low frequency 125KHZ rfid card:TK4100,EM4100,EM4200,EM4305,T5577.Hitag1, Hitag2.
2.High Frequency 13.56MHZ rfid card:NTAG 203,NTAG 213,Ultralight,Ultralight C,Fudan08,DESFIRE,
DESFIRE EV1,SLI, Classic S50 1K, Classic S70 4K, etc
Reading Distance 1-5cm for 125KHZ and 13.56MHZ,1-100cm for 860-960 MHZ
Card Weight
ID CARD, Access control card, Campus Card, Supermarket Card, Traffic Card, Enterprise Card, Hotel Card, etc
Magnetic stripe (Loco: 300oe, hico:2750oe/4000oe)
Signature panel and scratch panel
Embossed number; Laser number
Hole Punching
Lanyard Slot; UV spot
Barcode; QR code. etc
Free samples are available upon request

Common chips :

SLE4442/SLE554 contact chip, SLE4428/SLE5528, FM4406,SLE6636, FM4442(fully compatible with SLE5542/SLE4428),IS23SC442/GT23SC442(fully compatible with SLE5542/SLE4428),IS23SC1604/GT23SC1604(fully compatiblewith AT88SC1604),AT24C01,etc


We produce all kinds of door access control card,such as ID card/ campus card/ supermarket card/ traffic card/enterprise card/ hotel card and etc.Such card  can be make as electronic personalization.If you get this card, you can have a wonderful life in anytime or anywhere.application of RFID card


1.various crafts:silk screen printing, offset printing, embossed printing, foil printing and etc.

2.low price 

3.quality assurance

4.professional design/original design sample

We are ISO certified manufacturer

With have over18 years experience in the field

Packaging & Shipping

 For ISO standard demension:200pcs/ White box/ cartoon/ Gloss weight 25kg



a)  What IS RFID?

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification.

RFID Function: 1. A quick scan; 2. Small size, shape, diversification; 3. The pollution resistance and durability; 4. Repeated use; 5. The penetrability and no barriers to read; 6. Data memory capacity; 7. Security.

The Feature of RFID:   

First, can identify a single very specific objects, rather like a bar code can only identify the class of objects;

Second, it USES radio frequency, can be read through the external material data, and bar code must be read by the laser information;

Third, can be read on multiple objects at the same time, the bar code can only read one by one. In addition, the storage of information is also very big.

b)  What are applications that use NFC (HF 13.56MHz)? 

 NFC can be used for a wide variety of mobile applications, including: 

1.        Making payments with a wave or a touch anywhere contactless card point-of-sale (POS) readers have been deployed;

2.        Reading information and “picking up” special offers, coupons and discounts from smart posters or smart billboards;

3.        Storing tickets for transportation, parking access or events;

4.        Storing personal information that will allow secure building access.  

c)  How can I choose the chip? 

There have three frequency LF, HF, UHF.  And each frequency have some match chip can be choose. 

 Also you can tell me the right chip you have chosen. If you cannot make sure, please check the chips lists or just email with us of the application, we will give the best suggestions.   

d)  Can I get samples for testing? 

Yes, you can. Free samples are always available on request.   

e)  Can I get free designs? 

Yes, you can. Share us your ideas and our designers will offer solution.  

f)  How to order?

·             Quotation; 

·             Confirm to place the order for RFID tag;

·             Our designer will make the bleed on your artwork or do a design according to your requirements

·              You the confirmation draft and a Preformat Invoice;

·              Signed the confirmation draft and send it back, then make the RFID tag payment;

·              Start production after confirmation and payment;

·              Production, 7 working days for quantity under 50, 000pcs (no special crafts);


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Customized & printable blank white with LF 125Khz chip writable RFID smart cardCustomized & printable blank white with LF 125Khz chip writable RFID smart card


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